*SOLD OUT* Commemorative Hitch Cover FrontZoom

*SOLD OUT* Commemorative Hitch Cover Front

*SOLD OUT* Commemorative Hitch Cover Front
Item# ComHitchCvrFront
Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.
We have been working on a tribute to fallen heroes Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield. We will be offering up for sale a new Commemorative Hitch Cover with which you can proudly display and honor these two great patriots.

We have worked diligently with our local suppliers and will be able to donate ALL of the proceeds from the sale of the front covers directly to their respective trusts. Out of the $67.25, $50 will be split evenly between Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield's respective trusts. The remaining $17.25 will go towards shipping and what we pay for our website and Credit Card processing fees. No one, including us, will make any money from the sale of the covers.

The Commemorative Hitch Cover Fronts will fit all of our existing skull hitch cover backs. Simply unbolt the old front cover and bolt on the new one. We will make backs available if you need them. However, you do not need to purchase the rear section of the hitch covers for the donation to go to their trusts! The front covers would look nice just about anywhere or on anything. Like our other skull hitch covers these will have a nice bright white automotive grade powder coat applied to them.

The folks at these companies stepped up to help make this possible. Please take a moment to call, email or visit their sites and let them know you appreciate their generosity. With their help we are able to make 50 fronts that will allow us to donate $2,500. Only 50 of these fronts will be produced and I am sure they will go fast.

Brown Industrial - http://www.brownindustrial.com

Nick's Plating - http://nicksplating.com/index.php

Omni Manufacturing - http://www.omnimfg.com/index.php/about-us/

May the families of these fallen Heroes be granted peace in these troubled times.

UPDATE - Commemorative Back Plates Available Below.

The Back Plates with Hitch Extensions will be exactly the same as all of our other Skull Back Plates. American made right here in our shop. They are coated with Automotive grade black powder coat. The back plates come with the hardware needed to mount the commemorative front plates. The LED options allows these to be lighted. All LED's are red and with these special hitches will be constant on, just like trailer running lights.

DONATIONS WERE MADE DIRECTLY TO THE FAMILY TRUSTS ON 04/10/2013. For anyone interested in seeing the donation receipts please email sales@bigdogsteel.com.

Thank You to all who participated and showed their support!
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